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Outdoor Heating Systems

Increase safety and convenience by keeping homes, buildings, driveways and paths snow-free and frost-protected with our wide range of snowmelting solutions.

Outdoor Heating Systems

In winter, snow and ice threaten your safety and represent a major problem which can cause slipping hazards for both people and vehicles. Get off that shoveling snow! Avoid spending time clearing your pavements and roof when you are trying to get to work or just enjoy doing something else.

Snowmelting solutions for driveways, pathways, alleys, stairs, balconies.


Eliminate dangerous ice and snow build up on roofs, gutters and downspouts.


Eliminate dangerous ice build up on pipes.


Warmup offers a wide range of controllers and sensors for outdoor heating solutions.


The benefits of a snowmelt and frost protection system include:

No mechanical room needed

There is no need to dedicate space or a room in your home/garage for equipment. The system uses a small wall mounted temperature controller and a pavement/roof mounted sensor.

Cost savings

The systems are more cost effective in the long run than continual salt dumping and removal, and reduce waste by extending the life of the cement.

Added value

A Warmup snowmelt or frost protection system can extend the life of roofs, pipes and pavements by eliminating the use of harsh salts and chemicals, and damage from snow removal devices.

Wise investment

Installing a Warmup snowmelting system is an excellent investment that can raise the value of your home. It is a long term solution for keeping your pavements, roofs and pipes free of snow and ice, thus increasing the value of your property.

Energy efficiency

The snowmelt systems operate in conjunction with an automatic activation device (temperature controllers) that will trigger the system on when it senses precipitation and freezing temperatures. These controllers ensure the system is only active during useful periods and reduces wasteful energy consumption.

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