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Electric floor heating mats

Ideal for renovations, the heating mats provide warmth throughout the whole room, giving a whole new meaning to heating and comfort.

Electric underfloor heating mats

Heating mats are composed of durable heating cables ready-attached onto a mat backing, allowing for a quick and convenient installation of a floor heating system. Warmup’s range of heating mats include the StickyMat and PVC heating mat systems and the WLFH heating foil. The systems feature thin, dual-core heating elements and a low-profile design, meaning they will have little-to-no impact on floor build-up heights.

underfloor heating mat in a bathroom warmup


  • Pre-spaced heating wires. Allowing for an optimal, consistent heat output
  • Rapid installation times. Can be fitted in a matter of minutes
  • Low-profile design. Little impact on floor build-ups
  • Clear sizing. Standard sized mats, ideal for regular shaped rooms
  • Energy-efficient. Uses less energy than traditional heating systems
  • Suitable for all projects and floor types.
underfloor heating mat in a bathroom warmup

Which heating mat is the best?

The perfect floor heating mat is dependent on a few variables such as the floor finish used, the size and heat loss of the room in which the system is being installed, and the type of project.

The StickyMat features an ultra-thin 1,8mm heating wire pre-spaced and readily attached to an adhesive mesh that can simply be rolled over the floor.

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The PVC heating mat system is ideal for installations within regularly shaped areas, where 0,5 m wide mats can be quickly rolled out across the floor in parallel runs.

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The foil heating system is ideal to be installed under soft floor coverings or floating floors. No screed or self-levelling is needed when installing a foil heater.

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Floor covering types

Warmup’s range of heating mats make heating a home intuitive and easy, no matter the floor type.

The StickyMat and PVC heating mats can be used with a wide array of floor finishes including wood, vinyl, tiles or carpeting. Always check with your flooring supplier that the selected floor finish is compatible with floor heating.

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The WLFH heating foil has been specifically designed to be installed with floating floor finishes such as laminate and engineered wood. If using the heating foil with as softer floor covering like carpeting, the system must be installed alongside the dual overlay system. This acts as a stable subfloor on which the floor finish is installed, protecting the system from excessive load-bearing weight.
underfloor heating mat warmup

Wattage and heated area

The heating mats are available in a range of clear, convenient sizes. The width of the heating mats is 500 mm and they can be ordered in runs to heat areas from 1 m² to 15 m² (the foil heater is available to heat areas up to 12 m²).

Heating mats can be used as either a primary or secondary heat source. The heating mats are also available in two different power variants; 150 W/m² and 200 W/m² – using a higher power variant improves heat-up times in spaces of high heat loss.

It is recommended to use thermal insulation with an electric floor heating mat and to carry out a heat-loss calculation to work out the precise heating requirements for each project.

heating mats installation

Floor build-up and room type

The electric floor heating mats offer a low-profile heating solution which will have little-to-no impact on floor build-up heights.

They feature an ultra-thin heating wire and a system depth of just 2 to 4 mm. Both the SPM and PVC heating mats can be installed within a layer of tile adhesive or levelling compound, making it a truly ‘invisible’ floor heater whilst the Foil Heater must be installed with our insulated underlay and in some cases the dual overlay system as well, thereby providing a slightly thicker floor build-up.

The heating mats are ideal for regular shaped rooms, and if installing floor heating in a more irregularly shaped area, one of our heating cables system may be more suitable.

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Electric heating mats provide rapid installation times, allowing to enjoy the benefits of floor heating quickly and hassle-free.

The heating foil offers a ‘dry’ installation, with no adhesive or levelling compound needed. It can be simply rolled out onto the appropriately insulated subfloor in parallel runs before being covered with the final floor finish.

The SPM mat system features a pressure sensitive self-adhesive backing that binds the mat to the subfloor. The system is then typically covered in a thin layer of tile adhesive or levelling compound before the floor covering is installed.

heating mats installation

StickyMat System Installation

The Warmup StickyMat system comes in 200W and consists of a thin Warmup Loose Wire spaced and taped to a sturdy mesh. This makes the installation quick as the mat can simply be rolled out a length, cut (never cut the cable, just the matting), flipped, and stuck down until the flooring area is entirely covered.

The heating mat has a 1.8mm pre-spaced wire with a multi-strand core and double insulation with advanced fluoropolymer. The sturdy fiberglass mesh is extra durable and has super sticky double sided tape for secure installation. Thus the mat simply needs to be rolled out to begin the installation.

StickyMat heating cable is so thin that it does not raise the floor height visually. Therefore StickyMat makes an ideal system for retrofitting where the floor heights cannot be altered much. StickyMat is the most popular system for existing floors and rectangularly shaped smaller areas.

DCM-PRO System Installation

The DCM-PRO heated decoupling system from Warmup caters for those looking for the fastest way to install and experience underfloor heating with all types of floor finishes. It is also built for slightly different project specifications than the StickyMat. DCM-PRO consists of a 5.5 mm thick mat and a cable possessing new innovative features to an electric underfloor heating system providing homeowners with a durable, protective floor heating solution that will last for years. The DCM-PRO heater raises the floor level more than the StickyMat and is therefore the best possible electric underfloor heating mat to be used in new builds where the floor height has not been set yet. The decoupling mat is suitable for all areas from living room and kitchen, to basement and bathroom and can be installed in minutes with less tile adhesive.

As discussed previously in the article, the DCM-PRO mat has pre-spaced channels to guide the insertion of the cable, so it is easy to space the heating cable evenly in the castellations of the mat. It is also notable that inserting the cable does not require any additional tools; the cable is effortlessly applied by pressing it in the castellation with your thumb. Furthermore, the channels on the mat are designed to perfectly accommodate all cable sizes.

The cable itself is durable, reliable and flexible, making it easy to handle and insert into the mat. With full confidence in the high-durability of the cable, Warmup offers a lifetime warranty when installed with the DCM-PRO Mat.

In addition to these features of the cable, the DCM-PRO decoupling mat has an adhesive backing layer so it is effortless to lay it down. The mat is attached directly to the subfloor without the need to mix tile adhesive and wait for it to dry. Make sure to clean the subfloor from any dust before starting the installation to ensure that the membrane glues to the floor properly.

The next step of the installation depends on your preferences. You can either apply a layer of tile adhesive on top of the system prior to tiling over it or you can pour self-levelling compound onto the system to give it a smooth surface before laying down the floor covering.

DCM-PRO can be waterproofed with a special tape to cover it and a layer of self-leveller to finalise the protection of the system. The castellations in the membrane allow for easy pouring and spreading of self-levelling compound, without the worry of any holes or air gaps. Installation of the DCM-PRO system in other rooms than a bathroom does not require waterproofing or self-leveller as an adhesive on the system is enough to apply the floor finish directly on it.

Can UFH Mats Be Cut to Fit an Area?

It is important that the correct size heater is installed based on the available space as the heating cable cannot be cut. This rule applies irrespective of whether you are using a mesh or a decoupling mat. Should you need to extend the cables, the floor probe and power supply cables can be extended to up to 50 meters by a qualified electrician. A certified electrician should be consulted for advice on extending the cable.

Can UFH Mats Be Cut to Fit an Area?

It is important that the correct size heater is installed based on the available space as the heating cable cannot be cut. This rule applies irrespective of whether you are using a mesh or a decoupling mat. Should you need to extend the cables, the floor probe and power supply cables can be extended to up to 50 meters by a qualified electrician. A certified electrician should be consulted for advice on extending the cable.