Underfloor Heating Running Costs

Underfloor heating running costs depend on the type of heater, room size, insulation, desired room temperature and the amount of time and days of the year the system is on.

How Much Does Underfloor Heating Cost?

The table shows the underfloor heating running cost in an average home. For these figures, we assumed an energy price of 11.61p/kWh and using the system for 6 months (182 days) on a 10mm Warmup Insulation Board. Avg. running cost after an initial heat-up period is 0.7836 p/m²/h. These tests were performed using Warmup heaters and this data is accurate for Warmup heaters only.

BATHROOM 4m² 2hrs 1hrs £22.75
KITCHEN 5m² 1hrs 2hrs £27.81
LOUNGE 15m² 0hrs 3hrs £78.19

* Assumptions: 11.61p/kWh – system on 6 months (182 days) per year. System installed on 10mm Warmup® Insulation Board. **Avr. running cost after initial heat-up period = 0.85p/m²/hr.

Running costs will always depend on the room size and the running time, as well as how well the room is insulated. The better the insulation, the better the heating system will perform for you.

In support of our EN442-2 Research Centre in Germany, we operate a number of Family Monitored Houses in addition to the BRE (Building Research Establishment) Renewable House. This initiative grew out of the need to better predict the future energy running costs of houses using Warmup underfloor heating systems. Information is gathered every few minutes from many tiny sensors. These sensors are strategically placed in each zone to compare floor, wire/water, and outside temperatures and often other readings like humidity and radiant temperature. This allows a detailed view of the amount of energy actually needed to create ideal living conditions.

Improving Underfloor Heating Efficiency

The faster the floor heats up, the cheaper the system is to run. During the heat-up period, until the floor reaches its set temperature the heater is running at full power. After this period, the heater needs to run at only half-power to maintain the set temperature. By properly insulating your floor with Warmup Insulation Board, you can reduce the heat-up period significantly, thereby reducing the overall underfloor heating cost by as much as 50%.

Additionally, adding a zone to a house that uses electric underfloor heating is as simple as adding a thermostat. Gas systems tend to run all the rooms of your house at once, whether you are using them or not. Electric systems, however, can be set to heat an individual room where and when you need it (a bathroom for an hour and a half in the morning for example). By tailoring your usage according to your lifestyle, you can reduce the underfloor heating cost and enjoy substantial savings.

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