Heated towel rails

Offering stylish design and great functionality, Warmup’s collection of electric heated towel rails make the perfect bathroom accessory.
The heated towel rails are available in both single-bar and multi-bar models with a variety of finishes. Choose the ideal rail for the bathroom or wet room.

Towel heaters

Energy-efficient, electric dry heat technology

There is nothing better than a heated towel after a refreshing bath or shower and Warmup’s range of heated towel rails combine classic design with our advanced electric heating technology to bring a touch of luxury to a bathroom.

Available as a single-bar or multi-bar option and in a wide variety of sizes and finishes, Warmup’s towel rails are easy to use and simple to install and are ideal for bathroom renovation projects or new-build bathrooms. By using our renowned electric heating wires to provide gentle, radiant heat for your towels, the rails utilise dry heating technology – with no liquid and therefore no risk of leaks.

heated towel rails
heated towel rail detail

Contemporary British design, made with high-quality, 304-grade stainless steel

Inspired by classic British style, the collection of towel rails has been expertly designed by our in-house team of designers and researchers and are perfect for all bathroom design themes. They are manufactured using the best stainless steel with a 304 grading, making them resistant to staining and corrosion – perfect for bathroom use.

single bar heated towel rail

Single-bar towel rails

Inspired by contemporary hotel design with clean lines and premium finishes, update the bathroom by installing one or more of our single-bar towel rails for effortlessly warm towels.

Single-bar towel rails
multi-bar heated towel rails

Multi-bar towel rail

Create a bathroom combining function and aesthetics with our multi-bar towel rail. Offering rapid heat-up times, these towel rails are big enough to quickly warm all the household’s towels.

Multi-bar towel rails

IP55 – Suitable for use in zone 1 and 2

Our heated towel rails can be installed anywhere in zone 1 and 2 due to their IP55 rating, meaning they can come into contact with some water with no safety issues. Their stainless-steel construction also prevents any possible corrosion caused by water. Always consult a fully-qualified electrician regarding zoning restrictions.

Simple to install and easy to Control

The towel rails are quick to install by a qualified installer and have a five year warranty. There are two recommended control methods to operate the towel rail efficiently:

  • The towel rail can be connected to the lighting circuit for automatic operation when the light is switched on, as long it is protected by an existing RCD
  • or it can be controlled by an independent isolator switch that provides power on demand.

It is possible to use an existing electric floor heating thermostat to control the towel rail however it may lead to inefficient operation, as the towel rail will start heating up before it is needed and will power on and off as the floor heating maintains the optimum bathroom comfort temperature. Warmup’s heated towel rails are not recommended for installation in plasterboard as this wall construction will not provide stable support. For increased safety, it should also be allowed a 600 mm distance between the floor and the lowest rail when installing.

single bar heated towel rail


Warmup’s single-bar heated towel rails bring a modern twist to a piece of classic bathroom interior design.

Stylish Modular Design

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean we have to compromise on style and functionality and our range of single-bar rails are perfect for creating a modular system to gently heat towels after a cool shower. Utilising energy-efficient electric heating technology, Warmup’s single-bar towel rails are liquid-free and provide even heat dispersion with rapid heat-up times – choose how many are required for total design freedom. It is recommended to ensure a spacing of 250 mm between each bar when installing a modular design.

single bar electric heated towel rails

Available in two style options

Single-bar heated towel rails provide great flexibility. Choose from our two style options: the Tulsi and the Burdock, both available in multiple finishes and consider installing three in a row to create a bold, stylish focal point in the bathroom.

single bar electric heated towel rail detail

The Tulsi round single-bar towel rail

The Tulsi rails feature a beautiful rounded design, combining a sense of traditional style with advanced technology. The smooth lines of the Tulsi range will enhance the splendour of any bathroom renovation project.

single bar electric heated towel rail detail

The Burdock square single-bar towel rail

The Burdock style option brings a touch of modern industrial design to the bathroom. This collection of towel rails makes use of a squared design finish, offering a strong geometric element that will be ideal for contemporary bathrooms.

A choice of finishes

polished single bar electric heated towel rails


Select the Tulsi or Burdock towel rail in a polished finished for a high-gloss look – ideal for use in bathrooms featuring reflective wall tiles and matching polished taps.

brushed single bar electric heated towel rails


Choose a brushed-finished towel rail for a classic look that will enhance a more traditional bathroom design theme with original architectural features.

Easy to install and easy to use

Our single-bar towel rails are quick to fit in a bathroom by a qualified installer and can be controlled by either being connected to an existing RCD protected bathroom lighting circuit or with a separate power button.

All Warmup towel rails come with an accompanying fixing kit, featuring all the components needed for a successful first-time installation.


Perfect for larger rooms, our multi-bar heated towel rails create a striking focal point for any bathroom.

Perfect for larger bathrooms

When renovating a larger bathroom or designing a new wet room as part of a new-build project, Warmup’s collection of electric multi-bar towel rails offers an energy-efficient, space-saving solution for warming towels after a relaxing bath or shower. Using our advanced dry heating technology, the towel rails are liquid-free and have rapid heat-up times, making them ideal for family bathrooms or larger wet rooms with high usage.

multi-bar electric heated towel rails

Classic inspired design with two style options

Available in two style options, the Anise and the Hawthorn provide great functionality with beautiful design and in multiple sizes. Install a ladder-style multi-bar towel rail in the bathroom to create a space inspired by contemporary design.

multi-bar round electric heated towel rail detail

The Anise round multi-bar towel rail

The Anise utilises a rounded rail design, providing a touch of casual elegance to the bathroom. With its straight lines smoothed out, the Anise will heat the towels quickly and efficiently and is ideal for more traditional bathroom design themes.

The Hawthorn square multi-bar towel rail

If the requirement is for a towel rail with a more contemporary edge, our Hawthorn range of multi-bar heated towel rails are the perfect choice. Using a squared-off rail design, they are particularly suitable for wet rooms with a modern feel.

squared multi-bar electric heated towel rail detail

Choose from three sizes

4 bar ladder towel rail

4 bar ladder towel rail

The smallest of our multi-bar heated towel rails, the 4 bar is ideal for smaller spaces such as en-suite bathrooms and shower rooms.

6 bar ladder towel rail

6 bar ladder towel rail

Our 6 bar option is perfect for a moderately-sized bathroom. Its extra width compared to the 4 bar and 8 bar styles makes it particularly useful for warming larger bath towels.

8 bar ladder towel rail

8 bar ladder towel rail

As the largest rail of the collection, the 8 bar towel rail is ideal for heating more than one towel simultaneously.

Easy to install and easy to use

Our multi-bar towel rails are quick to fit in the bathroom by a qualified installer and can be controlled by either being connected to an existing RCD protected bathroom lighting circuit or with a separate power button.

All Warmup towel rails come with an accompanying fixing kit, featuring all the components needed for a successful first-time installation.

Operating voltage 230 V AC ±15%, 50 Hz
Composition High quality 304 grade stainless steel
Components Supplied with fixing kit
IP rating IP55
Cold tail length 3 m
Formats Available as single-bar and multi-bar
Certificates and marks
HTR-1ROBR Tulsi HTR-1ROPO Tulsi HTR-1SQBR Burdock HTR-1SQPO Burdock
Length (mm) 650 650 650 650
Width (mm) 32 32 40 40
Depth (mm) 100 100 100 100
Bar shape Round Round Square Square
Finish Brushed Polished Brushed Polished
Wattage (W) 19 19 19 19
Amperage (A) 0,08 0,08 0,08 0,08
Resistance (Ω) 2800 2800 2800 2800
Length (mm) 500 500 650 650 530 620
Heigth (mm) 520 520 600 600 800 912
Depth (mm) 120 120 120 120 135 120
Number of bars 4 4 6 6 8 8
Bar shape Round Square Round Square Round Square
Finish Polished Polished Polished Polished Polished Polished
Wattage (W) 52 52 90 95 100 115
Amperage (A) 0,23 0,23 0,39 0,41 0,43 0,50
Resistance (Ω) 1017 1017 588 557 529 460