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Floor Insulation

Using thermal insulation with electric floor heating significantly reduces the heat-up times and running costs.

Why install floor insulation?

Floor heating systems heat-up a room much faster than traditional centrally-heated radiators and require less energy to do so. To make the heating system even more efficient and to save even more money on energy bills, we recommend to install insulation to work alongside the floor heating system.

Floor insulation is important in reducing heat-loss and also rapidly improves the heat-up time of the floor heating system.

Benefits of floor insulation

Warmup insulation dramatically reduce heat-loss, keeping the warmth inside the room, saving both energy usage and money. As the heater warms up to the optimal comfort temperature, the insulation enhances this heat and evenly distributes it into the room quickly.

Greater energy-efficiency

We believe the thicker the insulation below the floor heater, the greater the energy-efficiency, however deeper insulation will affect floor build-up height. Warmup Insulation products come in a range of depths and sizes to provide you with the optimal solution for your project to prevent energy-wastage.

Suitable for all subfloors

Our insulation products are suitable for use with all subfloors and can be used with all floor finishes. Some floor heating systems require a specific combination of insulation and accessories for a successful heating solution. Please find the details of these products below.

For use in any project

All our insulation products can be installed in new-builds or renovation projects. For use in older properties with high levels of heat loss, a floor heater with insulation may not deliver the necessary heat output for optimal comfort. We recommend carrying out a heat loss calculation as part of your project.

Insulation range

Warmup supplies various different types of floor insulation suitable for application with our electric floor heating systems. If planning to use a different type of insulation please make sure the main thermal characteristics and compatibility with floor heating remains. Our range of insulation products enhance the energy-efficiency and response times of electric floor heating systems. Find out more about each product’s unique attributes below:

Insulation board made of extruded polystyrene, faced on both sides with a fibreglass mesh embedded into a thin cement polymer mortar.

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The boards multi-layer design with aluminum, non-woven fleece, and PEF insulation works to achieve 3-in-1 benefits: insulating, heat spreading, and decoupling.

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The insulated underlay is a thin polystyrene insulation barrier with effective acoustic properties to reduce contact noise.

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Designed for use with the WLFH foil system, for resilient floor finishes such as carpets or vinyl. Provides a flat and smooth surface.

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