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ETR2 Controller

Economical control of ice-and snow melting for all smaller applications.

The ETR2 gives an economical control of ice-and snow melting for all smaller applications.

With focus on power consumption and easy installation, the ETR2 keeps gutters and small ground areas free of ice and snow.

Key Features

Detection of temperature and moisture

Easy to install

Electronic on/off control up to 3,600W

Adjustable moisture sensitivity


3 Years Warranty

This product comes with a 3-Year warranty. We are confident in the standard of our products.

Supply voltage 220-240V AC, 50Hz
Load 3x 16A, ~11kW
On / off differential 0,4ºC
Setting of temperature 0 – 10ºC
Setting of after run time 0-5 hours
IP rating IP20
Certificates  accreditations-CE