Pipe frost protection

In very cold conditions, thermal insulation alone cannot fully protect pipes from freezing. Warmup frost protection systems safeguard water pipes, fire mains, sprinkler systems and sewage pipes from frost in severe winter conditions.

It doesn’t take much for water pipes in the house or in the garden to freeze, leading to expensive repair measures or even water damage. With our pipe frost protection systems we safeguard that, even during the transition periods in spring and autumn, when sudden night frost can still cause damage.

Warmup pipe frost protection cable is designed to protect water pipes made of metal or plastic that are susceptible to frost. It can either be operated permanently, which makes sense in, for example, permanently cold regions, or it can be controlled via timer or thermostat.


Our range of frost protection cables include a self-regulating cable of 20W/m and a constant wattage self-limiting cable of 10W/m.

The self-regulating cable can be control by means of a timer or a thermostat. The constant wattage cable has an integrated thermostatic control that turns on at +5ºC and off at at +15ºC.

The cable is placed on the outside of the pipe and attached with adhesive aluminium tape or heat resistant zip ties. Plastic pipes should first be wrapped in aluminium foil.

Optionally, pipe insulation can be used around the pipe.

Recommended Products

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The self-regulating cable is well suited for pipe frost applications

Pipe Frost Protection Cable


Warmup’s line of frost protection cables effectively prevent frost damage to water pipes.