Insulation Board Installation

Installing Warmup Insulation Board
The Warmup insulation board is the perfect system for quality underfloor insulation. Waterproof and unaffected by the freeze/thaw cycle, the Warmup tile backing insulation boards can be installed onto concrete and timber subfloors.
Installation Using Adhesive
Make sure the floor is clean, levelled and dirt free. Using a floor trowel comb a thick bed of tile adhesive over the sub floor. (for best results use a cement based adhesive).
Step two
Lay the Warmup Insulation board down in place pressing it down firmly. If possible lay the backing boards out in brick like fashion. When tiling the floor leave a 20mm gap from the edge of the wall for the connection to a Warmup thermostat.
With the tiles laid ontop seal the joints with a fibreglass mesh. For wet rooms such as bathrooms and showers, you can further waterproof by sealing the joints with waterproof tape or acrylic sealant.
Now lay your chosen Warmup heating system onto the Warmup insulation backing board and fix into position. Cover the heating element using your chosen floor type. For guides on how to install heating elements please see their relevant product pages.
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