Underfloor Heating Costs

Many people assume that running a whole-house electrical heating system will be costlier than their gas boiler system, simply because gas is currently cheaper than electricity. This, however, is just not the case...
How much will it cost to heat a room?
BATHROOM 4m² 2hrs 2hrs 5,96 €
KITCHEN 5m² 1hr 2hrs 7,45 €
LOUNGE 15m² 0hr 3hrs 20,98 €
*Assumptions: (price of KWh in EUR0.19)/kWh - system on 30 days per month, installed on 10mm Warmup Insulation Board. Average floor heating running cost after initial heat-up period.
Daily Underfloor Heating Costs For Different Rooms
Running costs will always depend on the room size and the running time, as well as how well the room is insulated. To get an accurate idea of typical running costs, see the table and notes below.
Daily cost (in EURO) of running a Warmup Heating System as sole-source of heating
Time On/Heated Area 2m² 4m² 5m² 10m² 15m² 25m²
1 hour 0,03€ 0,07€ 0,08€ 0,17€ 0,26€ 0,44€
2 hours 0,06€ 0,12€ 0,16€ 0,32€ 0,48€ 0,81€
3 hours 0,09€ 0,18€ 0,23€ 0,46€ 0,70€ 1,17€
4 hours 0,12€ 0,24€ 0,30€ 0,60€ 0,91€ 1,52€
5 hours 0,15€ 0,30€ 0,38€ 0,76€ 1,14€ 1,9€
6 hours 0,17€ 0,35€ 0,44€ 0,89€ 1,34€ 2,24€
7 hours 0,20€ 0,41€ 0,52€ 1,04€ 1,56€ 2,61€
8 hours 0,23€ 0,47€ 0,59€ 1,18€ 1,78€ 2,97€
To calculate accurate running costs, we have made the following reasonable assumptions:
  • Installation is in a house built to current building regulations
  • Heaters used: 150W/m² mats, under 8-10mm ceramic tile on 10mm Warmup Insulation Board
  • The temperature difference between "on" and "standby" is 5°C (eg. 16°C when on "standby", 21°C when "on")
  • The floor coverage is consistent to property size (eg. 5m² of heating for a 5m² room)
  • The heat-up time is included within the hours ON
  • The heating is controlled by a Warmup thermostat
  • Price per kWh is (Eur 0.19) (average Irish electricity price)
Save money by insulating properly and reducing heat-up times:
During the heat-up period, as the floor reaches its set temperature, the heater is running at full power. After this period, the heater needs to run at only half-power to maintain the set temperature. Simply put, the faster the floor heats-up, the cheaper the system is to run. By properly insulating your floor with Warmup Insulation Board, you can reduce the heat-up period significantly thereby reducing running costs by as much as 50%.
Accuracy of electric floor heating costs:
Warmup tested its heaters, running under normal operating conditions, in a special room built to EN442-2 specifications. The data collected from this extensive testing allows to state with certainty, exactly what our operating costs are. Please note that these tests were performed using Warmup heaters and that this data is accurate for Warmup heaters only.
Soaring fuel prices make electric heating cheaper than gas
According to independent energy watchdogs, since 2003, gas prices have risen in Europe by as much as 92%, while electricity prices have only increased by just 54% in the same period. As electricity is almost 100% efficient at the point of use, whereas gas boilers waste energy by way of the fuel and transport throughout the walls, gas users will soon be paying much more and receiving much less. The typical lifespan of a gas boiler system is 10 years, according to industry estimates. Our underfloor heaters have no moving parts to wear-out. When maintenance costs are added to the equation, the annual running costs of a radiant floor system look remarkably attractive.
Better Control of Fuel Costs - Zoning Your House
Better Control of Fuel Costs - Zoning Your House
Adding a zone to a house that uses electric heating is as simple as adding a thermostat. Gas systems tend to run all the rooms of your house at once, whether you are using them or not. Electric systems, however, can be set to heat an individual room where and when you need it (a bathroom for an hour and a half in the morning for example). By tailoring your system usage according to your lifestyle, you can enjoy substantial savings.
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