A complete range of underfloor heating solutions for new construction projects
A complete range of underfloor heating solutions for renovation projects
Adjust and verify with accuracy the temperature of your underfloor heating system

Radiant Electric Floor Heating

Low setup cost, very efficient running costs and more additional benefits than any other form of home heating

Heating is one of the most important aspects of any new home or home improvement project.
Radiant Electric Floor Heating
You need to make an informed decision on the best form of heating for your home whether that be for the whole house, room by room or just to keep the chill off those cold floors, at Warmup we’ve got a solution for them all!
There is nothing worse than installing an ineffective or inefficient heat system that can leave you with shivering or out of pocket during those colder months.

Why Choose Warmup?

Radiant electric floor heating from the experts

Here are some of the key reasons Warmup has become the world’s best selling electric floor heating brand.
  • Warmup heaters are made with a multi-strand copper nickel core for strength, the wire is then double-insulated with advanced flouropolymers which don't breakdown. Warmup design thermostats to look better and be smarter. The sleek new Warmup 3iE™ underfloor heating thermostat with energy monitor allows you to see exactly what your underfloor heating running costs are.
  • Warmup offer free quotations for commercial and domestic projects and have a dedicated technical support.
  • Warmup offer a lifetime warranty on our underfloor heating mats and loose wire heating systems. Warmup also cover your installation with our unique underfloor heating system Safety Net™ installation guarantee.
  • Only Warmup has two laboratory test facilities running continuously in Germany.
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