+Kit for Smart Central Heating

The +Kit by Warmup provides an ideal solution to upgrade the 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat into a Smart Thermostat for central-heating.

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boiler plus 4ie kit

Warmup’s +Kit

The +Kit has been designed to work with Warmup’s renowned 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat to upgrade the thermostat from being a heating controller for floor heating systems to one that wirelessly controls central-heating systems. It offers all the benefits and features of the 4iE that customers the World over know and trust and brings these to centrally-heated homes.

Warmup’s +Kit brings mobile, wireless functionality to the 4iE – allowing control of the central-heating system from anywhere in the home. It comes with a boiler receiver, power adapter, power base and stand that cradles the 4iE, allowing flexible placement of the thermostat in the home.

Why Choose the Warmup 4iE +Kit Smart Thermostat?

The 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat is Warmup’s smartest Smart thermostat that uses the latest technology to eliminate energy wastage completely and dramatically improves the efficiency of the heating system. The thermostat is easy to control and uses Natural Language Programming™ with a sleek and stylish, customisable design. The user can achieve significant cost-savings on their heating bills by using the thermostat alongside Warmup’s smartphone apps. The MyHeating app™ and its SmartGeo™ technology ensures a home is automatically heated up to the desired temperature only when at home or on the way home and that the heating runs at lower temperature when away, hugely cutting down on energy usage and running-costs too.

Key Features


Wireless Receiver

Once connected to the existing boiler, allows wireless communication between the boiler and the thermostat.


Smart Heating

Bringing smarter, more advanced and ecological heating management to central-heating systems.



The +Kit’s technology offers a quick, efficient solution.

The +Kit can be purchased separately from the 4iE. A customer can purchase the 4iE for underfloor heating or can buy a 4iE and an accompanying +Kit for central-heating systems. Meaning if already there is stock of the 4iE, simply order the Warmup +Kit and turn each 4iE into a Smart Thermostat for central heating systems. If a household already uses a 4iE to control a floor heating system in specific zones, they will require a new 4iE to use with the +Kit to control the boiler and central-heating in any other rooms.