Warmup Electric Outdoor Heater

  • Designed to provide an efficient source of outdoor heat for restaurants, pubs, social events and other commercial heating applications. Warmup electric outdoor heaters provide an instant heating solution with over 90% of the heat available in 1 second!
  • Warmup electric outdoor heaters are an ecological alternative to traditional fuelbased outdoor heating equipment for pubs, restaurants and venues with outdoor areas such as patios, rooftops and courtyards.
  • Warmup electric heaters produce a high quantity of warmth, without the adverse effects of polluting, noxious gas. The lamp emits infrared energy which is directed using a special parabolic reflecting structure to maximise the heaters efficiency. Warmup electric patio heaters produce a warming glow which also enhances the feeling of warmth.
Features & Benefits
  • Waterproof & dustproof (IP65 rated). It is safe to use Warmup electric outdoor heaters in any weather.
  • 5 x Cheaper than gas!
  • 5000 hr guarantee! *(equates to approx. 20 years under normal use!)
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