DWS Loose Wire Heating Capacity

Floor Heating Capabilities
  • Warmup Underfloor Heating System can be used as the only heat source in rooms that comply with insulation levels set out in current building regulations and where 100% of the floor area is covered by the heating system.
  • The graph above gives an idea as to the difference in running costs with and without proper floor insulation. It applies to a situation where the floor heaters are installed in a well-insulated room and are required to heat the room for six hours a day.
  • Your Warmup Loose Wire system's power consumption - and therefore your running costs - relate directly to heat-up times. The longer the system takes to heat-up, the more it will cost to run.
  • Example - Heating 3m² of floor, twice a day for two hours each time in a bathroom fitted with an insulation board on a concrete subfloor, will cost approximately €0.05/day*. Running the same system on an un-insulated concrete subfloor will cost approximately €0.10/day**.
  • * assumes the heater will be on 40-60% of the time once up to temperature.
Heater Layout and Multiple Heaters
  • The Warmup Loose Wire System is versatile allowing you to heat your room using different wire configurations to suit the particular layout of the room. The Warmup Installation Manual provides a useful guide to heater layout, however it may be necessary to alter this slightly to suit your particular installation. In any case, spacing between the wires should NEVER be less than 50mm.
  • When laying more than one heater it is important to remember the following: The heating wires must not touch or cross at any point. The heaters are joined in parallel only at the thermostat or in a junction box. DO NOT attach one heater to another in series. The heating wire spaces for all heaters in an area should be approximately equal. Before installing, ensure you have the correct number and size of heaters for the area you wish to heat.
Areas in excess of 25 square metres
If the area to be heated exceeds 25m², then you must install Warmup Underfloor Heating using multiple thermostats.
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