Case Study: Connaught Hotel, London

The Challenge
The Connaught´s facelift included a new winter terrace and 100 revamped bathrooms, all of which required quality, unintrusive heating as there was very limited wall space.
The Solution
Warmup® electric underfloor heaters allowed the walls to remain clear and internationally recognised to be safe, Warmup® heaters gave the hotel the reassurance of product excellence they were after. Warmup® 150W/m² heating mats were installed onto Warmup® Insulation Boards. Warmup® XSTAT thermostats were also selected for their energy saving capabilities.
The Result
With clear walls, there was plenty of room for optimal design and layout. The simple methods of installing the products also meant that the client could keep to schedule and welcome its guests to a cosy afternoon tea in the new winter terrace all as planned.
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