Sustainability With Electric Underfloor Heating

  • Political, social and economic circles are being forced to change due to climate change and concerns over the security of fossil fuel supplies. Renewable energy derived from wind, water, sunlight and bio-sources will play a major role in reaching worldwide mandates for renewable energy.
  • Laws are now requiring builders and architects to design and build homes that are highly insulated, this in turn forces heating efficiency on a home. As electric underfloor heating is highly efficient when combined with good insulation it means that electric floor heating is ideally suited to take advantage of the shift to clean energy.
  • It not only makes ecological sense, but economical sense to prepare for a new era of clean, renewable fuel by installing electric floor heating. To this end, Warmup's range of electric heating systems are fit for purpose and destined to become not only the preffered method of heating for the future but for today.
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